Dining Services Waitstaff

Job Specifications

  1. Mental and Educational Development: Ability to take table orders accurately and communicate to kitchen staff for preparation. 
  2. Experience: Previous wait staff experience desired.
  3. Judgment and Complexity of Decisions: Varied or routine work requiring limited amount of judgment.  Instructions are detailed or established procedures apply to substantially all duties.  Exceptions are submitted to supervisor for decision.
  4. Accountability for Funds, Property & Allocation of Resources: Accepts responsibility for own actions, works well within the scope of the job limitations and follows Village at Woods Edge rules of conduct for employees.
  5. Supervised by: Lead Server
  6. Contacts and Interpersonal Skill Requirements: Contact and cooperation with associates in the same section or department.  Interdepartmental and resident contact are of a limited nature but should be conducted with poise and tact.
  7. Special Physical Demands: See Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications (BFOQ) Job Requirements.

View full job description HERE. 

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