Meet Some Residents


Tony and Frances Parson moved to The Village from North Carolina. Throughout their years together, the couple have found home in many places across the United States including at The Village in Franklin, Virginia.

Since the move, they’ve been enjoying their two bedroom Cottage and the benefits of living at The Village. “There’s plenty of space. Our family visits regularly, and we all sit down together at the dining table,” said Frances. Another favorite aspect is the attentiveness from The Village’s maintenance team. “Last winter, we experienced a snowstorm. The morning after the snow fell,” Tony said, “the driveways, walkways and roads were all cleared.”

Maintenance-free living isn’t the only benefit that drew the Parson’s to The Village. In the past few years, Tony and Frances dealt with the death of their parents and their remaining estates. They decided the stress of sorting through all of the possessions was not something they wanted to put their own children through.

The Parsons were overwhelmed at the thought of beginning to downsize, but in the end it was worth it — and much easier than they thought it would be. “A lot of the things we were holding on to were things we didn’t need. We hadn’t used them in five years. Our kids didn’t want them. That made it easy,” said Tony.

He expressed that downsizing is a good thing for everyone to do: “It doesn’t matter whether you’re 55, 65, 75, the problem is the same.” Tony believes that senior living is a good choice for everyone. “We’re able to spend quality time with each other, our family and friends – now that we no longer have the headache of home maintenance. It’s just an easier way to live.”

It’s without a doubt the friendliest and most
open place we’ve ever lived, and we’ve been all over.

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