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Activities to Try This Summer

Activities to Try This Summer

Posted on
June 12, 2024

Summer weather is upon us, and at The Village at Woods Edge, this means it’s time to get outside and enjoy everything the season has to offer. It’s a great time to make sure you’re getting the physical exercise you need while making time for yourself. Consider these enjoyable outdoor activities that allow you to have fun while getting some sun.

Taking Walks

Summer offers the perfect weather for getting outdoors and enjoying the benefits of walking. It's a simple, enjoyable activity that boosts your physical health and lifts your spirit.

Walking in the morning can be a wonderful way to enjoy the day when the air is still fresh and cool. If you’re in the area, check out Blackwater Park, where the paths are easy to navigate and the scenery quietly uplifting. The park is well-maintained, with 215-year-old trees and plenty of benches to rest and enjoy the natural surroundings. It’s the perfect place for seniors who appreciate taking breaks to soak in the view.

Exploring a new area on foot is also a great way to keep your summer interesting. Whether it’s a new part of town or a community garden, each walk offers a chance to discover something new. This activity can be as leisurely as you like, with plenty of opportunities to meet fellow walkers, watch local wildlife or simply enjoy being outdoors.

Starting an Indoor or Outdoor Garden

Acquiring greenery can be a great way to kick off the summer months. Gardening, whether indoors or outdoors, is a rewarding hobby and an excellent way to enhance your living space with a touch of nature. Gardening is a versatile activity, so you can adjust it to suit your physical comfort and aesthetic preferences. Consider these plants that offer ease of care and beautiful results.

Senior-Friendly Outdoor Plants

  • Peony: Boasting lush, large flowers, peonies thrive with minimal maintenance, needing only sunlight and occasional watering.
  • Zinnias: A flower known for its pop of color, zinnias are known for their vibrancy and for their ability to attract butterflies. some text
    • Note: Here at The Village, we grow these flowers in our community garden! Our residents love picking them for their arrangements in their homes - or to share them with neighbors, staff and on campus at the village to help in beautifying our community buildings!
  • Lavender: Known for its calming fragrance, lavender is a wonderful choice for being drought-resistant and helping attract pollinators to your garden.
  • Daylily: Requiring straightforward care for those who appreciate low-maintenance gardening, daylilies are robust and versatile, blooming happily in a variety of climates.
  • Hosta: Perfect for shady areas, hostas have lush foliage that comes in many shades and sizes, requiring minimal upkeep because these perennials return each year.
  • Hibiscus: With their large, colorful blooms, hibiscus plants bring a tropical feel and vivid display to your garden but require a bit more care to thrive.
  • Coneflowers: Easy to grow, drought-tolerant and known for their medicinal properties, coneflowers attract butterflies and birds, adding life to your garden. 

Senior-Friendly Indoor Plants

  • Monstera: With its dramatic, large leaves, the Monstera adds a lush, tropical feel to any room, and it's easy to care for, requiring only moderate light and weekly watering.
  • Peace Lily: This plant is excellent for indoor air purification, and because peace lilies are low-light tolerant, they offer the added benefit of flowering indoors.
  • Aloe Plant: Known for their beneficial healing gel and ease of care, aloe plants thrive in sunny indoor spots and require minimal watering.
  • Pothos Plant: Perfect for those who might forget to water occasionally or have difficulty propagating vegetation, pothos plants are hardy, thrive in low light and are admired for their beautiful trailing vines.
  • ZZ Plant: Known for their ability to withstand neglect, ZZ plants tolerate low light and infrequent watering, making them perfect for busy or forgetful indoor gardeners.

Hosting a Summer Barbecue

Break out the hot dogs, fire up the grill and invite your neighbors over! Hosting a summer barbecue is always a fun way to build community spirit, meet new faces and introduce neighbors and friends. 

Plan your event in July and combine your barbecue with cheering on Team USA at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Set up a viewing area with a TV so guests can watch the games together, turning your barbecue into a spirited, patriotic celebration. 

For seniors in Independent Living, a barbecue can be an enjoyable social event and a chance to share delicious, easy-to-prepare foods. Consider setting up comfortable seating areas with ample shade and encourage potluck contributions to diversify the menu. A well-planned barbecue can transform an ordinary summer day into a memorable occasion filled with laughter, stories and the comforting aroma of grilled favorites.

Shopping at a Local Farmers Market

Visiting a farmer’s market is a pleasant outing that supports local farmers and artisans while letting you stock up on fresh, seasonal produce. These markets often offer a wide variety of goods, from fruits and vegetables to homemade jams and artisan breads, ensuring you have access to the freshest ingredients for your summer meals. 

If you’re in the Franklin area, be sure to check out the local Farmer’s Market. It’s a great spot to mingle with community members and discover local products. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with the colors and scents of fresh produce, makes shopping a sensory experience. 

Shopping at the market also encourages a healthy lifestyle. It provides an opportunity to walk and socialize, making it a perfect weekly activity for seniors seeking quality produce, exercise and a bit of community interaction

Starting a Book Club

Read a good book lately? Maybe a few? Starting a book club is another great way to build community spirit, introduce new faces and engage in meaningful discussions about topics that interest you and those around you. It’s not just about reading; it’s about sharing stories, experiences and perspectives that benefit everyone involved.

At The Village at Woods Edge, our partnership with Blackwater Regional Library enriches our residents’ lives through various literary services. The library’s bookmobile makes regular stops here, providing easy access to a nice selection of books. Additionally, events like “Ladies and Literature” offer themed discussions that captivate and connect our community. Regular book recommendations keep our reading list fresh and exciting, ensuring there’s always something new to discuss at our book club meetings.

Whether you’re a voracious reader or just looking for a way to enjoy books more socially, starting a book club is a great way to stay connected and stimulated throughout the summer. If you still want to enjoy the weather, read outdoors under a canopy of trees or a gazebo to ensure you don’t get too much sun.

Going Birdwatching

Bird watching is especially rewarding during the summer months when birds are more active and many species are in their breeding plumage. It’s the perfect time to grab a pair of binoculars and explore local parks or nature preserves.

This activity offers a chance to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature and can be both meditative and educational. For seniors, it’s an accessible hobby that encourages gentle walking and can be done solo or with friends.

Whether in a wooded park, beside a local lake or even in your backyard, watching birds go about their daily routines is a delightful way to pass the time. It’s a wonderful way to maintain an active lifestyle, meet fellow bird enthusiasts, and snap some beautiful photographs to share.

At The Village at Woods Edge, we’re in a fantastic spot to see nature of all kinds, including beautiful birds. Stop by today or call 757-517-2791 to see what wildlife is around our community!

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