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6 Safe & Low-Impact Workouts for Older Adults

6 Safe & Low-Impact Workouts for Older Adults

Posted on
June 23, 2023

Focusing on fitness as an older adult can help promote a healthy, vibrant lifestyle, but you don't need to become a bona fide gym bunny to experience the benefits. Low-impact workouts can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, and stamina and are gentler on joints. Below, we'll explore six of the best exercises for seniors, including options for people with limited mobility.

1. Golf

Golf is a popular exercise for seniors for a good reason — it's a social, low-impact workout that provides excellent health benefits. Enjoying a round of golf is a great way to enjoy time outdoors with friends and family, and research shows that it can improve heart health, glucose metabolism, and blood lipid profiles in older adults. In fact, walking golf offered more significant health benefits than Nordic walking, a type of high-impact hiking using poles.

Members of The Village at Woods Edge senior living community can enjoy a round of golf in the beautiful surroundings of the nearby Cypress Cove Country Club. The club boasts an 18-hole golf course, tennis facilities, and a family-friendly restaurant.

2. Swimming

If you have arthritis or joint stiffness, swimming is a gentle way to improve your cardiovascular fitness without putting pressure on sensitive joints. Swimming offers a range of benefits for seniors, including enhanced muscle tone and increased stamina. Alternatively, consider joining an aqua fitness class to work on strength and balance. Aqua fitness has a lower impact on joints than many land-based exercises for seniors, and your trainer can help you adapt the workout to suit your abilities and health needs.

Our community members can access the James L. Camp Jr. Family YMCA center, which is just a short walk or 3-minute drive from The Village at Woods Edge. The pool offers lap swimming, family swimming sessions, and aqua workout classes for all experience levels and abilities.

3. Yoga

According to Harvard University, there's strong evidence to show that yoga reduces the risk of frailty in older adults. Researchers discovered that regular yoga practice can improve balance, increase walking speed, and boost mobility in people over 65. Furthermore, this low-impact workout can also enhance your mental well-being, making it an ideal option for promoting good mental health as you get older.

Another benefit of yoga is that you can find workouts to suit all fitness levels — even gentle stretching can help reduce stiffness for beginners or people with mobility limitations. There are numerous free online workouts available on streaming sites such as YouTube, including videos designed specifically for older adults and people with disabilities. Alternatively, head to our local YMCA center for group yoga classes. Don't forget to tell your instructor about any health or mobility issues so they can adapt exercises to your needs.

4. Chair Fitness

Whatever your ability level or health needs, there are workout styles to suit your requirements. Chair fitness classes could be an excellent option if you have mobility problems and are also suitable for people who use wheelchairs. As the name suggests, chair fitness allows you to exercise while seated, and many workouts include exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and muscle tone.

You can access high-quality chair fitness classes from the comfort of your senior living apartment. YouTube hosts a range of chair fitness workout videos from experienced trainers, including routines designed for senior health. Additionally, we offer a Resident Fitness Class in the Wellness Center every weekday morning. With scheduled guest class instructors, we’re able to to offer variety to your workout routines, including occasional chair fitness classes!

5. Resistance Band Exercises

Exercising with a resistance band is an effective way to tone and strengthen muscles. This low-impact exercise involves performing strength-based exercises using elasticated bands instead of lifting weights, which could be a safer option if you need to protect arthritic or sore joints.

The beauty of resistance band training is its accessibility — the bands themselves are affordable, small, and easy to carry around. They come in various resistance ratings, allowing you to start with lighter resistance and increase the difficulty as your fitness improves. Plenty of free workouts are available online, making resistance band training an affordable way to keep fit in your senior living apartment or cottage. If you have mobility difficulties or use a wheelchair, try searching for seated resistance band workouts to suit your abilities.

6. Walking

Walking is an affordable, enjoyable way to maintain fitness and cardiovascular health while enjoying the beautiful outdoor areas around Franklin, VA. Many seniors find walking a more comfortable alternative to running or jogging because it puts less strain on the knees and ankles, and it's also a great way to socialize. Consider joining a local walking group to make new friends or inviting friends and family to explore our community and the nearby walking trails.

The magnificent Blackwater Park sits just a short stroll from our senior living community. The park is home to a wealth of local wildlife and features a 300-foot boardwalk offering access to Turkey Island. It's the ideal spot for exploring the unique swamp ecosystem while reaping the health benefits of walking.

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