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Aging Gracefully Is Easier Than You Think

Aging Gracefully Is Easier Than You Think

Posted on
September 16, 2022

Thanks to technology, advancements in health care, and a better understanding of the aging process, now is possibly the best time in human history to be an older adult. From diet to wellness, research supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA)confirms that there’s a lot you can do to aid in managing your health, living independently and supporting your quality of life as you age.

At The Village at Woods Edge, we have designed our community and our wellness offerings to support healthy aging. If you are looking for ways to stay healthy and enjoy retirement to the fullest for years to come, here are five strategies for aging successfully:  

  • Switch up your diet: Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Find ways to add a bit of novelty to your diet while staying on track with your health goals. Consider compiling a collection of your favorite recipes so you never run out of ideas. Of course, at The Village, residents love time off from dishes with a meal out on campus, including The Back Porch and Grille.
  • Dance to your own drummer: Exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight, boosts your mood and decreases your risk of developing life-threatening diseases. Making it fun is one of the best ways to ensure that you stay active over time. Join Jazzercise,     do some gardening or find any fun activity that keeps you moving.
  • Create unique challenges: Healthy minds come from healthy habits, so create a new challenge for yourself every week. Consider a three-day exercise streak, or tackling War & Peace, or taking a watercolor class. With the freedom of retirement, the choices are endless!
  • Facetime a  friend: The advancement in technology has made it even easier to stay connected. Facetime, Zoom and other apps are great ways to maintain social connections with far-flung friends and relatives. If you and a friend each have iPhones, you can make short videos saying hello and text it to each other. What could be more delightful than a video of a friend showing up in the middle of the day?
  • Try a vision board: A vision board is a collection or collage of pictures, words and other visual cues which represent someone’s goals and aspirations. Making your own vision board can be a great way to stay inspired and focused on all you hope to achieve during retirement. Make it a group activity or do it alone then be sure to place it where you can see it often.

Make the most of retirement and enjoy all that life has to offer! Contact The Village today to see how we can be a part of this wonderful phase in life. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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