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Celebrate Family Reunion Month This Summer

Celebrate Family Reunion Month This Summer

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July 21, 2022

July is National Family Reunion month, and since it is summer, now is the perfect opportunity to connect with your family and have fun. From the great outdoors and a full calendar of events to shows and relaxing summer days on the lawn, your options are limitless!

At The Village, we are particularly excited to bond with older adults, hear their stories, and spend time together across generations. We are always excited when families are able to get together to enjoy each other’s company—on or off campus.

If you’re searching for ways to connect with your family this summer and enjoy each other’s company, here are 4 ideas you can consider:

  1. Plan a family reunion: This is such a great way to bring the entire family together for a day of fun and to reconnect. Plan ahead to give everyone enough notice so they can make arrangements to attend, especially those who may be coming from out of state or abroad.  When choosing the location, menu and games, be sure to cater to the different age groups and interests. Have fun, make memories and have a camera on hand to capture all the wonderful memories.
  2. Host events and activities: In addition to a large family reunion, you can also host a number of smaller events and activities including picnics, barbecues, spa days or a visit to the zoo. Along with the main activity of the day, incorporate time for conversation and games that help you to get to know each other better. Check out this site for a list of over 50 conversation starters such as, “What is something you got away with as a child that your family still doesn’t know about?” and, “If you could be a famous person for a week, who would you be and why?”
  3. Get to know the family and its traditions: Beyond closer family members, many of us may not know our family tree that well. This month, commit to learning more about your ancestry. You can also try to find time to gather and keep the family’s history alive by passing on stories and traditions. This is important in helping children understand and take pride in the accomplishments of the family.
  4. Celebrate life’s milestones at The Back Porch and Grille: We’re always delighted to host your private events and help you celebrate life’s milestones right on campus. We’ve held a number of family reunions, baby showers, bridal luncheons and special birthdays at the Back Porch and Grille. To host your event, fill out this form on our website and a member of staff will be in touch with you soon.

The friendly neighbors and caring staff at The Village at Woods Edge make for a welcoming community. Get in touch to schedule a tour to learn more!

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