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Community Garden: The Latest Wellness Benefit at The Village

Community Garden: The Latest Wellness Benefit at The Village

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April 21, 2022

Home gardens are becoming increasingly popular as many search for varied pastimes or alternatives to ensure healthier eating. This month, we’re happy to announce a new and exciting initiative at The Village: We’re establishing a community garden!

“Our well-maintained grounds and nature setting is part of what makes The Village at Woods Edge so charming. And our community – the people – are who make The Village so special. The community garden will be a wonderful addition for residents to stay in touch with nature and friends. We’re looking forward to each stage and can’t wait to see how it takes shape this summer,” said Franci Jackson, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Village.

5 Benefits of Gardening

Our community garden serves The Village mission of cultivating lifelong learning and social connections. Gardening in particular offers numerous wellness benefits. According to AARP, here are the top five benefits of gardening:

• Greater exposure to sunlight means increased levels of vitamin D.

• Physical activity such as gardening could lead to a reduced risk of developing dementia.

• Gardening helps to decrease stress and boost your overall mood.

• It serves as aerobic exercise to work your muscles and improves strength, stamina and flexibility.

• The socialization opportunities provided by community gardens help to combat loneliness, especially in older adults.


When will the garden be completed?

The project broke ground last month and is well underway. The garden will provide an opportunity for residents and staff to reconnect with nature or, perhaps, dig into a new interest.

Where will the garden be located?

The community garden will be located in a portion of the grass lot adjacent to The Village's Back Porch and Grille.

What will be grown in the garden?

Based on the results from our recent survey completed by residents, the garden will include a variety of seasonal flowers, fresh vegetables and herbs.

How will the produce be used?

Produce from the garden will be available for residents to use as well as incorporated into dishes in The Village's Dining Program. We plan to donate any surplus to local food banks and Franklin/Southampton programs.

Now that spring finally has arrived, we encourage you to dig out your gardening gloves and dig into the earth. Happy planting!

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