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Happiness Happens Month: The Keys to Aging Well

Happiness Happens Month: The Keys to Aging Well

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August 16, 2022

It’s no secret that the pursuit of happiness is one of life’s greatest treasures—and it’s especially important for older adults. Research shows that feelings of happiness, enjoyment and achievement have been linked to increased physical health and longevity which means a greater quality of life overall.

Today, the Village at Woods Edge is celebrating all things that put a smile on your face, from family and friends to the variety of life-enrichment activities you can enjoy in retirement. To keep upbeat and in good health, here are a few tips and tricks for older adults in the pursuit of happiness:

  • Think positively: Happiness has a lot to do with your mental well-being so it helps to be mindful and think positively. Make it a habit by trying daily practices such as affirmations, meditation, listening to uplifting music or keeping a gratitude journal.
  • Maintain an exercise routine: Exercise is a major factor in reducing stress and boosting your overall mood. Here at The Village, we dedicate a lot of resources to helping residents stay active. Play a round of golf, join an exercise class, enjoy a walking trail or meet a group of friends for happy hour or game night.
  • Focus on experiences over possessions: As an older adult, you may have a full life—and a full house. What you likely are finding, however, is that memories mean more than stuff. We’re here to help you make new memories with friends and neighbors. Retirement should be the experience of a lifetime!
  • Get good quality sleep: Rest is important, but in addition to quantity of your rest, the quality of your sleep matters. Poor sleep affects your energy levels and mood throughout the day, so consider shutting off electronics and enjoying herbal tea or a melatonin supplement before bed to improve your sleep.
  • Enjoy good company: Whether it’s family or friends, being in good company is always a great way to feel content. Gather with others to explore the nearby cities, enjoy a picnic, have a games night or enjoy lunch at our very own Back Porch & Grille!
  • Have a good laugh: If you want to be happy as an older adult then remember this simple adage: laughter is good for the soul. Scientifically, it’s actually proven that laughter lowers the stress hormone cortisol so never pass up an opportunity to enjoy a good laugh whether that’s by watching your favorite comedies or hanging out with friends.

Make the Village at Woods Edge your happy place to retire and meet like-minded individuals. Give us a call at 757-517-0743 to learn more about our community and explore your options here on campus.

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