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Introducing The Village Superheroes

Introducing The Village Superheroes

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June 9, 2020

“I’m so proud of everyone here, residents and team members alike,” said Billie Turner, Executive Director. “At The Village at Woods Edge, and in the city of Franklin, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, small-town community. You’ve really seen that spirit of neighbors helping neighbors over the past several weeks. It’s been challenging, but everyone has gone above and beyond to pitch in. I particularly want to thank our staff for all they’ve done for our residents.”

Keeping the Campus Secure and Clean

“Our biggest precaution has been to close the campus to outside visitors,” explained Elizabeth Drewry, Vice President of Security and Administrative Assistant. When the crisis first hit, the Village recognized the threat the coronavirus posed to seniors and made a plan to secure the campus to limit any potential exposure to the virus, in line with CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidelines. Elizabeth and her team worked on ensuring social-distance measures were implemented throughout campus.

Thomas Brown, Environmental Services Director, has always been a superhero at The Village, but with recent events, he has truly soared. He and his maintenance team have a daily cleaning regimen, and they work hard to accomplish it all while keeping residents out of harm’s way. Thomas is continually restructuring routines to certify apartments, residential spaces and employee areas are as clean as possible.

Dining Delivery at a Distance

Because social distancing is a key effort to avoid the virus, The Village is offering additional support services for our residents, including meal delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy pickup and personal shopping.

Resident Activities and Communication

While physical distancing is encouraged, everyone at The Village knows how important it is for residents and their families to stay connected and active. Resident Services Director Terry Bell has come up with many creative opportunities for residents to connect and stay active. From concerts on the lawn to social-distancing Bingo to The Village ice cream trolley, Terry plays a key role in keeping spirits up and stress levels down.

“Communicating with family members is also very important in these times,” said Lisa Turner, Administrator of Assisted Living. From assisting residents to educating employees on preventive measures, Lisa stands out as a star team member, and she has done much to make sure families stay in the know on how their loved ones spend their days.

On behalf of everyone in The Village community, we want to say a big thank you to all of our Village Superheroes!

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