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It's Tee Time: Golfing for Older Adults

It's Tee Time: Golfing for Older Adults

Posted on
September 27, 2023

At The Village at Woods Edge, we know that wellness is about more than just the body. It also involves mental, emotional, and social well-being. Golf is a unique activity that truly promotes overall health and wellness, and that's why many of our residents take advantage of our proximity to Cypress Cove Country Club. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of golf and how you can get out on the course as a resident of our Independent Living community.

The Benefits of Golf for Seniors

There are so many reasons why golf is a great fit for a lifestyle focused on overall wellness. Here are just a few of them.

Golf Is a Social Sport

Playing a round of golf with friends and neighbors means having a chance to get to know others in a relaxed environment while breathing in fresh air. As you make your way from hole to hole, you have plenty of time to socialize to build new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

Golf Is a Balance Activity

To maintain the proper form during your golf swing, you need to engage the same muscles that help you keep your balance. A recent study found that recreational golfers aged 65 to 79 years exhibited better balance than peers who didn't play the sport, and with better balance, the risk of suffering a serious fall decreases.

Golf Supports Mental and Emotional Well-Being

There's nothing quite like the rush of beating your personal best score on the course or landing a birdie on a difficult hole. Golf can help build confidence and self-esteem to contribute to your overall mental and emotional well-being.

Golf Is Great Exercise

Golf is generally a safe, low-impact workout for older adults. Walking from hole to hole raises your heart rate, giving you the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. At the same time, your swing works the muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, abdomen, and legs to build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Learn How to Play Golf as an Older Adult

Even if you've never touched a club before, you can still reap the cardiovascular strengthening, balance, social, and mental benefits of golf. It's a sport you can learn to play at any age. The key is to practice regularly by hitting the course. Each time you play, you can take satisfaction in seeing your form and your scores improve.

Golfing in Franklin, VA

Franklin, VA, is a great place for golfers of all experience levels to play and live, thanks to Cypress Cove Country Club. For more than 90 years, the club has served as a place for people to gather to socialize and enjoy all the fun of golf. The course features 18 holes situated among beautiful views of cypress trees and peaceful waters.

Residents of The Village at Woods Edge get access to all that Cypress Cove Country Club has to offer. Residents of our Independent Living community have regular excursions to the club, giving you a chance to get out into the community and reap the many benefits of golf.

Not only can you play rounds on the 72-par course as a resident, but you can also access the club's other amenities, such as the Golf Pro Shop. You can even warm up before a day on the links at the driving range or work on your short game at the putting green. And after a day on the golf course, many people visit The Back Porch & Grille on campus at The Village at Wood’s Edge!

Discover Your Independent Living Options

From golfing outings to walking groups to lifelong learning classes, The Village at Woods Edge offers a seemingly endless number of ways that you can enrich your days, meet new people, and stay connected to local life. Our programs and amenities allow you to support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health while living in a beautiful, comfortable apartment in a small town with a friendly, close-knit community. Call us at 757-517-2791 to schedule a tour today to learn more about your Independent Living options.

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