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Meet Resident Cindy Hunting: A Woman in Wellness at The Village

Meet Resident Cindy Hunting: A Woman in Wellness at The Village

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March 29, 2022

March is Women’s History Month, and in recognition of this occasion, we are excited to share the story of a true “woman in wellness” at The Village. Cindy Hunting joined our community in June 2019 and is living retirement on her own terms.

Before retiring last September, Cindy worked at the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) for 43 years, climbing her way up to the post of public health nurse senior for the Tidewater region.

She admits that it was difficult being a nurse during the Covid-19 pandemic where she worked as much as 50 hours a week and was on call 24/7. “We always trained for a pandemic flu but no one prepared for a pandemic like COVID-19. I enjoyed working with the team and VDH did a great job,” she added.

Cindy is forever grateful for being able to work with two cities and two counties as well as for the life long friendships she gained with nurses like herself.

Choosing to retire at The Village

In 2018 when her husband Rich developed a serious illness, it was no longer possible for them to keep up with maintaining their 10-acre farm and house in Southampton County. That’s when they considered downsizing or moving to a retirement community.

After speaking with Franci Jackson, the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Village, Cindy and her husband scheduled a tour. Cindy recalls that they loved what they saw and have not looked back since.

She said, “We knew the first day we came that this is where we wanted to live. Moving from a rural farm to The Village was a change, but it was a pleasant change. We absolutely love our neighbors, and the homes are so nice. They do everything they can to take care of us.”

As a retired nurse, Cindy was especially attracted by the community’s continuum of care, knowing that it will provide an easy transition as needs change. She enjoys taking walks around the neighborhood as well as the restaurant on the premises.

In short, she describes the entire experience as seamless and maintenance-free. “It’s truly retirement. It’s really, really nice to know if we’re gone, someone is picking up mail, checking on the house or ensuring the pipes aren’t frozen. With The Village, you also have 24-hour security team.”

For those considering their own retirement, Cindy advises taking action before developing serious illnesses and advocates for retirement communities as a way to enjoy the peace of mind of being well taken care of.

A passion for health and wellness

Since her retirement, Cindy’s passion for wellness has not waned. In fact, it has only seemed to deepen. Her husband also shares her love for wellness and together they decided to establish “The Hunting Family Fund for Health and Wellness” in the Outer Banks (OBX) earlier this year.

They’ve both frequented OBX for years and still spend lots of time there at their second home to their Cottage at The Village.

The purpose of the fund is to “support projects and organizations that promote health and wellness for people on the Outer Banks, with preference given to organizations or projects that serve the underinsured and/or uninsured, or that bring new health and wellness programs to the community.”

Here at The Village, we applaud their efforts and commitment to promoting wellness. We’re also delighted that Cindy has joined The Village at Woods Edge Board of Directors. She’ll be a huge asset to help oversee our community’s mission to enhance the quality of life for every resident.

To all women, continue to celebrate women’s history month in your own way. To learn more about life at The Village, give us a call at 757-517-0743.

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