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Tech Devices to Make Life Easier for Seniors

Tech Devices to Make Life Easier for Seniors

Posted on
August 17, 2023

Technology is moving faster than ever, with new innovations available that cater directly to seniors. Seniors may need more help with physically demanding tasks or health and safety monitoring, but all of that is available using some of the latest technology. New consumer tech is game-changing for seniors who live at home, be it off-campus, or here at The Village at Woods Edge.
Our staff integrates the latest technology available to give seniors maximum independence and a life full of adventure. Let's take a look at some of the tech that has come the furthest and offers the most benefits.

1. Wearable Safety Devices

Safety first! Falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalization for seniors, so wearable safety devices are a great way to make sure you get help, fast. New fall-detection options include wearable devices that look like stylish accessories. You could put on a fall detection device that looks like a watch, necklace, or bracelet. The sensors embedded in each device automatically detect a fall and initiate a call for help.

The Village at Woods Edge provides wearable GPS-supported emergency sensors. These water-resistant pendants alert our staff to respond promptly to any alerts, ensuring you get quick medical care when needed. With the GPS support, we are able to locate the general location of where the resident is located.

2. Activity Trackers

Health and wellness are often tied to activity levels. The more you move, the more you can move and the more health benefits you get from the additional exercise. Activity trackers are compact, user-friendly devices that automatically track your movement for the day. Some activity trackers also track heart rate and blood oxygen levels, helping you maximize your fitness gains from an exercise regimen. Plus, activity trackers often let you gamify the task of staying fit, turning fit into fun.

3. Robot Vacuums

At The Village at Woods Edge, we can handle the household chores for you, but for independent seniors or those living at home, robot vacuums can offer a lot of utility. Sweeping and vacuuming can be very strenuous for seniors who have mobility challenges or arthritis. These devices handle the basics of keeping your floors clean without any bending or tools required.

How Tech Helps at The Village

These tech devices are more than just gadgets; they are essential tools that empower seniors to lead independent and fulfilling lives. From fall-detection devices providing a safety net to video doorbells enhancing connection and security, technology is ushering in a new era of enhanced living for seniors. Embrace these tech wonders and savor the freedom they bring to your life!

The Village at Woods Edge uses a combination of human and technical solutions to ensure your safety while in residence. Security guards keep a watchful eye around campus and greet visitors after business hours, and camera surveillance around campus and emergency response pendants inform staff of any problems as they occur. The Village's team responds quickly to any alerts. Additionally,  we also now offer residents the ability to order meals and make lunch or dinner reservations through our mobile app or at our community centered customer service kiosk.

Learn more about the security measures and tech devices used at The Village. Schedule a tour today to see how technology seamlessly integrates into daily life.

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