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The Benefits of Moving to Independent Living in the Winter

The Benefits of Moving to Independent Living in the Winter

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January 18, 2024

People tend to avoid winter moves, but for seniors contemplating the joys of rightsizing and retirement, it has serious benefits. Life at The Village at Woods Edge has lots of joy to offer in any season, but making the move under overcast skies and with a cold snap on the horizon offers some extras that are specific to the chillier months of the year. 

Making New Friends and Socializing

Living in your own home is a great feeling but not so much when it's too cold to want to go out and about. Running errands becomes more of a chore when you have to bundle up just to grab the mail. Life in an Independent Living community gives you the same level of privacy with the option to socialize whenever you feel up to it. 

At The Village at Woods Edge, we work to create social options that engage the majority of our residents on each occasion. From elegant dining options to fun parties or hobby groups, we're all about making opportunities so that our residents enjoy themselves and build lasting friendships. Our calendar is full of fun activities and offers plenty of options to get out and explore, all without the hassle of tackling the planning yourself. Enjoy our Wednesday and Friday Happy Hour at The Back Porch & Grille, or sign up for workshops and learn something new. You can always find something to do, even if it's just kicking back and relaxing in the library or planning a new garden for the spring. 

No More Winter Chores

We don't get a lot of snow in Virginia, but even a little bit is too much sometimes. When you move into The Village, you can leave the winter prep and cleanup to the next generation. The staff keeps walkways clear and safe, protects outdoor furniture, and gets the HVAC system prepped and ready to keep you warm.

The only thing we don't do is winterize your car, but you can leave it parked this winter since we do offer transportation.

Of course, you also say goodbye to chores for the rest of the year. With housekeeping services, restaurant-style dining, and laundry service, you don't have to lift a finger most of the time unless it's to set up a board game or start a new art project. Living your retirement dreams starts with minimizing your responsibilities, which is where a Continuing Care Retirement Community can help. 

Improved Safety

Driving becomes dangerous in the winter due to potentially icy roads. We may not get much snow, but we do get plenty of rain and freezing temperatures, which can combine to create black ice. When you move to an Independent Living community, you don't need to spend time on the roads, particularly in bad weather. You don't have to drive to the store to stock up on toilet paper or make a run to get a loaf of bread. We handle meals, transportation, and entertainment for your convenience and safety. 

Falls are a big risk to seniors and are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations for those 65 and older. But at The Village at Woods Edge, we have paved patios, covered porches, and plenty of space to roam, all cleared and treated to stay ice-free. Inside, our apartments and cottages have grab bars and supports to help you keep your balance and avoid a spill. If you do happen to fall, we're prepared for that, too. Our on-site care and security mean you're never too far from a helping hand. 

Amenities and Comfort In Your Home

Moving to Independent Living doesn't mean you lose your home. Instead, you get to decorate a new home and discover the joys of living in a space sized to your needs. Our spacious cottage and apartment floor plans range from one to three bedrooms, some with an attached garage. Our homes are just that — homes. You have all the amenities you expect at home from a full bathroom and a thoughtfully designed kitchen to lots of storage and spacious bedrooms, all with access to a wider community that always has something on the menu and the calendar. 

See more of what life has to offer at The Village at Woods Edge. Call 757-517-2791 to talk with the sales team about Independent Living and schedule a tour.

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