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Autumn Activities for Senior Wellness

Autumn Activities for Senior Wellness

Posted on
October 19, 2023

The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of outdoor pastimes. As the days grow shorter, it's time to explore fun autumn activities to boost senior wellness this fall. Whatever the weather, you'll find activities on this list to fill rainy days and enjoy time in the great outdoors in and around Franklin, VA.

1. Enjoy a Lavender Excursion

Many people swear by the soothing smell of lavender to promote calm and encourage better sleep. Sweethaven Lavender in Williamsburg is the perfect place to explore all things lavender and enjoy time in nature. During the annual fall harvest, the farm offers breathtaking views over its crop fields and is the ideal spot for a picnic with friends or loved ones. You can also purchase skin care products, cooking ingredients, and soaps showcasing home-grown lavender from the on-site shop.

You can reach Sweethaven Lavender by car in under 2 hours from Franklin, VA. Alternatively, join The Village at Woods Edge community on our October lavender excursion to experience the fall harvest event with other residents, friends, and family members.

2. Visit the Pumpkin Patch

Goose Hill Farm is just a 10-minute drive from The Village at Woods Edge, making it ideal for stress-free days out. The farm offers plenty of seasonal opportunities with u-pick produce, weekend markets with live music and a great gathering spot. However, the fall harvest season is a particular highlight, with events designed to promote social connections and family togetherness. 

During October, visitors to Goose Hill Farm can pick their own pumpkins from the farm's pumpkin patch and purchase seasonal, locally-grown produce from the store. There are also fun activities to keep energetic grandkids busy, including a corn maze and pumpkin bowling events.

3. Enjoy the Fall Foliage

Fall transforms The Village at Woods Edge and the surrounding area into a sea of beautiful oranges, reds, and golds. You can take in the fall foliage while getting some gentle exercise by taking a stroll through our campus. Alternatively, enjoy an al fresco meal with friends and family on the patio at The Back Porch and Grille.

Just across the street from our community, Blackwater Park is the perfect place to observe flora and fauna over 200 acres of idyllic parkland. The park boasts 2 miles of walking trails and educational signage to help you learn about local wildlife. There's also an 800-foot boardwalk, providing a closer view of the Blackwater River's fascinating ecosystem.

4. Paint Pumpkins With Family Members

Creative activities help promote senior wellness and provide several benefits, including improved cognition and mood stabilization. While pumpkin carving is a classic fall craft, all that scooping and cutting can put pressure on your hands and wrists. Fortunately, pumpkin painting offers a gentle (and kid-safe) alternative and is an effective way to create impactful fall decorations to beautify your senior living space. 

Acrylic paints are ideal for pumpkin painting because they're affordable and nontoxic. Unlike oil-based paints, they dry quickly and don't produce unpleasant fumes. If you make a mistake, simply wipe it away with a cloth to start over. Consider challenging loved ones to see who can create the most imaginative, colorful, or ornate pumpkin for a fun family bonding activity.

Visit Our Community This Season

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